The Weigh In

March 29, 2002

An article from today's New York Times claiming that the Web has lost its luster (registration required). What do you think?

Some of you have inquired about blogging- what is it, how does it work, how did itstart? I have compiled a few excellent pieces on the subject for you to check out -

The New, New Journalism- from Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. of Spin Tech Magazine.
A Blogger Manifesto- from Andrew Sullivan.
The Tipping Blog- from John Hiler of Micro Content News.

March 28, 2002

Josh Kroll has his prison survival strategy all mapped out- do you?

Andrew Sullivan makes an excellent point today in his Daily Dish-

Can we please take a little break from the "pursuit of peace" in order to acknowledge what we have just learned about the Middle East? We have learned that when the United States and Israel specifically demanded just a couple of days of relative peace, Palestinian terrorists made a point of slaughtering over a dozen Jews at a Passover meal. Notice the timing. Can we also aknowledge that the Arab summit in Beirut has also collapsed into a complete mess of infighting, squabbles and incoherence? So much for the alleged concern of most Arab governments for the plight of the Palestinians. The crisis over there is not hard to discern. Arab and Islamist terrorists, fed by a diet of vicious anti-Semitic propaganda, are engaged in a war aimed at the destruction of Israel and the second holocaust of the Jews.

I wonder how much longer Israel is going to tolerate Yassir Arafat and his thugs getting away with daily acts of violence against civilians...

Today on, Jim Caple provides a thorough (brace yourself Yankee fans) recap of Game 7 of the 2001 World Series. It's still hard to believe that the Yankees had the lead going into the bottom of the ninth, with Mariano Rivera having struck out the side in the previous inning. And then...

March 27, 2002

Hello everyone, welcome to the Weigh-In. This site will serve as a forum for me to, yes, weigh in on topics or news items or web sites that I find noteworthy or interesting.

Some of you will notice that my formatting is similar to that of Glenn Reynolds' outstanding site Instapundit. This is intentional, as Instapundit is remarkably concise and full of information, something this project of mine aspires to be.

Things will be slow going for a while, as I learn more HTML and what my capabilities are with Blogger and related software. I will still try to post each day, but the mailing list will be the primary fount of information for now...

Hope you visit often!

Another insightful piece from Thomas Friedman; it seems every country in the middle east has three or more sides to them...The Free-Speech Bind

The Weigh-in is coming soon...